Thickening of toothpaste has been possible due to this natural ingredient

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carrageenan There are different ingredients that go into making a toothpaste however with this natural product that is available in abundance is used a lot as it can take the shape that you want it to, it also increases the thickness of the toothpastes. There are different thickening agents in the market that one can use however none are derived naturally like this one hence most toothpaste companies resort to the inclusion of carrageenan in their tooth paste.

Don’t mistake it with its chemical derivate product that is prohibited for consumption

This product is the best that is there in the market as this product doesn’t have any odor or taste, this makes it useful for toothpaste maker. This product is safe to use and has great medicinal value in it. There has been confusion about this product in the past due to its degraded derivative which is called now Poligeenan. Initially Poligeenan was called degraded- carrageenan, this created a furor as this ingredient wasn’t food grade and can detrimental to the health, on realizing this confusion FDA renamed it to Poligeenan.

Different products are making use of this ingredient due to its favorable characteristics

This ingredient is a must have in every toothpaste as apart from its thickening prowess it also helps in the growth of tissues. This product is used widely in yogurts and ice cream as it has no calories and is 100 percent natural. Due to high health benefits it is graded as a natural healer and is being tested further so that it can be used in other edible substances. Having no odor or taste is biggest advantage of this product as it can used to thicken any edible substance without altering the natural taste of the substance.


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